Ayrshire Committee

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At the AGM each  of the ten clubs will have two Club Representatives who will vote on behalf of their club although any member of Ayrshire clubs can attend the meeting.  The names of the Club Representatives will be recorded at the start of the AGM.


Nominations for Office bearers (President, Treasurer and Secretary) will be taken from the floor (with seconders) where the nominees and proposers and seconders can be any individual member of an Ayrshire club – this is not limited to the Club reps.

Voting will be show of hands from the Club representatives

At the Council Meeting each of the ten clubs will have two Club Representatives who will vote on behalf of their club although any member of Ayrshire clubs can attend the meeting.  The names of the Club Representatives will be those recorded at the start of the  AGM.

The election for the position of Area Grading Officer will be held in the Council Meeting and will be held before the election of the Management Committee. The Area Grading officer will be asked to sit on the Management Committee.


Nominations for the Management Committee will be from the list of Club Representatives at the meeting – Nominees must be a Club Rep. but the proposers and seconders do not have to be a Club Rep.

Voting will be show of hands from the Club representatives

Any other matters of procedure will be dealt with as they arise at both meetings according to the Constitution.

All the above information can be found in the Constitution.

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 20th September 2018

To be held at Prestwick Chess Club, RAFA Club, Ardyre Road, Prestwick

Starting at 7.40pm

1.Apologies for absence

2.  Minutes of last AGM / Council

3. Points arising from minutes

4.Treasurers report

5. Presidents statement / report

6.League Secretary’s report

7. Election of Office Bearers

PresidentCurrently Iain Fraser

TreasurerCurrently John Calder

SecretaryCurrently John Montgomery

8. Any Other Competent Business

Council Meeting

Thursday 20th September 2018

To be held at Prestwick Chess Club, RAFA Club, Ardyre Road, Prestwick

Immediately after AGM

Member clubs: Ardrossan / Largs, Ayr, Carrick, Greenwood, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Prestwick, Stewarton, Troon

1.Elections of Area Grading Officer and Management Committee (excluding Office Bearers who sit on Management Committee)

Area Grading Officer Currently Gary McPheator

Management committee - Currently Office bearers plus following members – Gary McPheator, Billy Kelly, Jim Sands, John McNicoll, Stephen Taylor, David Congalton, David Deary

Appointment of Appeals committee pool – currently Brian Teaz, Len Weir, Arthur McCurley, Robin Moore, Stephen Hamilton, Steve Hilton

Len Weir was chairperson last season

2.ACA representative to Chess Scotland.

Currently John Montgomery for meetings on Sundays, David Congalton if he attends meetings held on Saturdays

3.Ayrshire Chess League 2018 / 2019

Proposal from Management committee on time controls for Division 3 – see attached document below

4.ACA policy documents

Including issues such as Disabled access to venues and policy documents – see motions below

5.Ayrshire Individual Championships

6.Other Ayrshire events

a.Samuel Graham / Harvey ShieldJohn Montgomery

b.Ayrshire Junior ChampionshipsJunior committee

c.Ayrshire Junior LeagueJunior committee

d.Junior eventsJunior committee

e.JBW Robertson CupJohn Montgomery

f.Seniors eventTBA

g.Junior TrainingJunior committee

h.Adult training TBA

i.North versus South AyrshireTBA

7.News from Chess Scotland

8.Any other competent business

Proposal and Motions from Management Committee

Proposal 1

Time control to be introduced in Division 3 to use incremental time controls as all moves in 60 minutes with an increment between 5 to 15 seconds.

Motion 1

To amend running of Ayrshire Chess League and other Ayrshire events to make sure that players in wheelchairs are not excluded because of access problems to venues. This may take the form of organizing alternate venues for the players who are in wheelchairs and making sure that clubs make arrangements for the matches to be held. This may not need actual rule changes, but clubs should be aware of these requirements.

Motion 2

To publish a set of papers outlining GDPR, Privacy and Publicity policies of the Ayrshire Chess Association and again making sure that players, parents etc. are all aware of these policies. This may involve getting signed permissions from players and organisers.

Ayrshire Chess Association

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 7th September 2017

Held at Prestwick Chess Club

Meeting opened at 735pm

Present: John Montgomery (Secretary), John Calder, Stephen Taylor, John McNicoll, Jim Kleboe, David Congalton, Stephen Hamilton, Pat McGovern, Gary McPheator, Iain Fraser (President), Arthur McCurley, David Deary, Jim Sands, Robert Locke, Len Weir, Bob Simpson, Robert Loughran, Robert Carter, 

1.Apologies for absence

Alan Steel, Carrick, Steve Hilton

2.Minutes of last AGM / Council - Previously distributed.

Proposed by David Congalton, seconded by Jim Sands

3.Points arising from minutes


4.Treasurers report

Income down but expenses down as well

Previous year deficit of £200

This year there is a surplus of more than £200

Fees to go up due to increase in CS grading fees

Len Weir asked about the insured value of the trophies – reply was that trophies were in process of being valued and reinsured since CS were not offering insurance any more

Proposed by David Deary seconded by Robin Moore

Accounts were still to be audited – John Calder to organise

5.Presidents report / statement

As per attached from Iain Fraser

6.Secretary’s report - As previously distributed

Including Arbiters report from John McNicoll

Equipment - There had been several donations of chess sets to various schools and organisations as below

Corsehill Primary, Whitehurst Park Primary, Annick Primary, Kingcase Primary,

Glebe Primary, St Patrick Primary, Dundonald Primary, Troon Library, Kilwinning Academy

Robin Moore asked about contributions from CS to above – noted there was none

Question was asked about Inter regionals by John McNicoll – referred to management committee

Main problem was timing and needing an organiser

Robert Carter asked about there being no winner in Girls Under 14 event – advised that there had been no entries

No other issues

Proposed by Stephen Taylor, seconded by Jim Sands

7.Election of Office Bearers

President Iain Fraser stood down for election

Nominations – Iain Fraser proposed by Len Weir, seconded by Stephen Taylor

Iain was appointed President.

Treasurer – Nominations – John Calder proposed by Iain Fraser, seconded Arthur McCurley

John was appointed Treasurer

League/Association Secretary - John Montgomery proposed by John McNicoll, seconded by Iain Fraser

John is appointed League & Association Secretary

8.Any Other Competent Business

New Constitution – the proposed constitution would be emailed to clubs and would be published on the web site with meetings organised later in the season

No other matters

AGM Meeting closed at 8.08pm – Short refreshment break followed by Council.


Ayrshire Chess Association

Council Meeting

Thursday7th September 2017

Held at Prestwick Chess Club

Present: Iain Fraser (Chairman), John Montgomery, (Secretary)

The club delegates were as follows:

ArdrossanNone present

AyrStephen Hamilton, Jim Sands

CarrickNone present

GreenwoodStephen Taylor and David Deary

Irvine Robert Locke and Robert Loughran

KilmarnockJohn McNicoll and Jim Kleboe

LargsRobert Simpson

PrestwickGary McPheator and Arthur McCurley

StewartonJohn Montgomery

TroonJohn Calder and Len Weir

Opened at 8.15pm

Robin Moore asked about Largs and Ardrossan voting rights given that they were merging for the sake of the league. Answer was that they would have separate voting rights at Council

1a.Area Grading Officer

Gary McPheator was happy to continue in this role and was proposed by Stephen Taylor, seconded Arthur McCurley

Gary is appointed AGO for coming season

1b. Election of  Management Committee (excluding Office Bearers who sit on MC)

Steven Brown and Rob Copeland had resigned from the management committee

Nominations –

Stephen TaylorProposed by John Montgomery, seconded Jim Kleboe

John McNicollProposed by John Montgomery, seconded Jim Kleboe

Billy KellyProposed by John Montgomery, seconded Jim Kleboe

Jim SandsProposed by John Montgomery, seconded Jim Kleboe

David DearyProposed by John Montgomery, seconded Jim Kleboe

David CongaltonProposed by John Montgomery, seconded Jim Kleboe

Voting for all positions – For All, Against 0 Abstained 0

The meeting also had to appoint a pool for the Appeals committee

Bob Simpson resigned from Appeals committee

New chair was appointed as Len Weir

Brian Teaz, Len Weir, Arthur McCurley, Robin Moore, Stephen Hamilton,

Steven Hilton had been proposed and was accepted

Pat McGovern asked about the committee using Skype for communication to save having meetings – this was left to the chairman to organise

2.ACA representative to Chess Scotland.

John Montgomery agreed to stay in post for meetings on Sundays

David Congalton to represent ACA at meetings on Saturdays if he attended in other roles


3.Ayrshire Chess League 2017/18

League would be

Division 1 – Kilmarnock A, Troon A, Ardrossan / Largs A, Irvine A, Prestwick A,  Greenwood Rooks, Ayr, Carrick

Division 2 – Kilmarnock Dragons, Ardrossan / Largs B, , Irvine B, Stewarton and Greenwood Bishops, Troon B.

Division 3 – Prestwick Spitfires, Greenwood Knights, Greenwood Pawns,  Troon C and  Prestwick Falcons

Division 3 would therefore have five teams


Subsequent to meeting Irvine B withdrew from Division 2 leaving five teams playing each other once home and away with a team sitting out each round – no alternate arrangements could be made so Division 2 ran with five teams

Decision was taken that last round of Division 1 should be played a week later that the last round of Divisions 2 and 3 to allow substitutions as required

Stephen Hamilton asked that the top 2 teams in Division 1 at the break after round 7 should then play in round 10 as a decider – the Secretary said he would see how the fixtures went and try to accommodate this.


Motion 1:

“Spectators from clubs not directly involved in a league match should not be allowed in the playing area without the prior agreement of both captains. This includes clubs not playing the match but who might have a vested interest in the outcome, especially towards the close of the season.”

John McNicoll talked about the Laws of chess that apply to spectators at the end of a match

David Deary noted that Congresses have arbiters but League matches do not.

Len Weir apologized if the Troon players who attended the Kilmarnock vs Ayr match caused any interference.

Noted that the Team captain should be monitoring behavior of players

Vote was taken – 6 clubs for, 5 clubs against, 2 abstained

Motion carried and there would be a change to league rules

Motion 2:

“At the start of play any electronic device which enables access to chess data must be turned off. Failure to do so may result in a penalty extending as far as the loss of the game in question. Where a first offence will incur a penalty of an extra 5 minutes added to an opponent’s thinking time, a second offence by the same player in the same match will result in that player losing the game and their opponent will be awarded a win regardless of the position on the board.”

Pat McGovern noted that the second sentence was superfluous

Robert Simpson spoke about an incident at Largs Congress

David Deary  asked about who would be responsible for adjusting the clock in the event of the penalty

Given the problems with regulating this Ayr withdrew the motion but asked that something be added to Captains notes for the next season.

4.Ayrshire Individual Championships

Report on previous season by Arbiter John McNicoll

To be held at Troon on Wednesday nights. Arbiter John McNicoll

Time control would be all moves in 95 minutes

Robin Moore said that we needed to say at the start of the season which Tiebreaks would be used

The discount would be removed to help with increase in costs from CS grading

5.Other Ayrshire events

a.Samuel Graham / Harvey Shield to be held at Greenwood – dates to be decided

b.Junior Training – To be arranged by Junior Committee

c.Ayrshire Junior Championships

Passed to junior controller and committee to sort out

d.Ayrshire Junior League

Will be organised and held at Greenwood – February / March over two nights

e.Scottish National Chess League

Kilmarnock and IPCC playing in this event

f.     North vs South Ayrshire

Rested since there had been diminishing interest

g.Adult training – TBA

h.Junior Beginners events – will be run by Junior Committee

i.JBW Robertson

Referred to management committee for format / dates etc

j.FIDE Blitz event – proposed – to be organised if enough interested

k.Seniors – to be organised by management committee

Mention of Prestwick Malawi event in December

Also new Grand Prix event being organised for players inside Ayrshire – called the “Wee Gree” being organised from grading results by John McNicoll – first event would be Largs or Marymass then last would be Ayrshire Lightning and prizes awarded at ACA AGM September 2018

6.News / items from Chess Scotland

David Congalton mentioned results by Jack Sanger, Rachel & Lorna Smith and Espinosa kids in representing Scotland

Stephen  Hamilton asked about the CS AGM and who was IJD – answer Fiona Petrie

7.Any other competent business

a.John McNicoll mentioned that the Laws of chess were changing especially on Illegal moves and all clubs and players should make themselves aware of these

Meeting closed 9.50pm