Ayrshire Committee

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At the AGM each of the ten clubs will have two Club Representatives who will vote on behalf of their club although any member of Ayrshire clubs can attend the meeting. The names of the Club Representatives will be recorded at the start of the AGM.

Nominations for Office bearers (President, Treasurer and Secretary) will be taken from the floor (with seconders) where the nominees and proposers and seconders can be any individual member of an Ayrshire club – this is not limited to the Club reps.


Voting will be show of hands from the Club representatives


At the Council Meeting each of the ten clubs will have two Club Representatives who will vote on behalf of their club although any member of Ayrshire clubs can attend the meeting. The names of the Club Representatives will be those recorded at the start of the AGM.


The election for the position of Area Grading Officer will be held in the Council Meeting and will be held before the election of the Management Committee. The Area Grading officer will be asked to sit on the Management Committee.

Nominations for the Management Committee will be from the list of Club Representatives at the meeting – Nominees must be a Club Rep. but the proposers and seconders do not have to be a Club Rep.


Voting will be show of hands from the Club representatives

Any other matters of procedure will be dealt with as they arise at both meetings according to the Constitution.

All the above information can be found in the Constitution.




Annual General Meeting


Thursday 7th September 2017

To be held at Prestwick Chess Club, RAFA Club, Ardyre Road, Prestwick

Starting at 7.40pm


1.Apologies for absence


2. Minutes of last AGM / Council


3. Points arising from minutes


4.Treasurers report


5. League Secretary’s report


6. Election of Office Bearers


PresidentCurrently Iain Fraser

TreasurerCurrently John Calder

SecretaryCurrently John Montgomery


7. Any Other Competent Business





Council Meeting


Thursday 7th September 2017

To be held at Prestwick Chess Club, RAFA Club, Ardyre Road, Prestwick

Immediately after AGM


Member clubs : Ardrossan, Ayr, Carrick, Greenwood, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Largs, Prestwick, Stewarton, Troon


1.Elections of Area Grading Officer and Management Committee (excluding Office Bearers who sit on Management Committee)


Area Grading Officer Currently Gary McPheator


Management committee - Currently Office bearers plus following members – Gary McPheator, Billy Kelly, Rob Copeland, Jim Sands, John McNicoll, Steven Brown, Stephen Taylor, David Congalton, David Deary


Appointment of Appeals committee pool – currently Brian Teaz, Len Weir, Arthur McCurley, Previous year included Robin Templeton and Jim Kleboe but neither had confirmed before last AGM they were willing to serve so would be contacted if they were needed.


2.ACA representative to Chess Scotland.

Currently John Montgomery for meetings on Sundays, David Congalton on Saturday meetings


3.Ayrshire Chess League 2016 / 2017

Proposals from Ayr Chess Club regarding spectators and mobile devices - see attached document


4.Ayrshire Individual Championships

Separate report from Arbiter


5.Other Ayrshire events

a.Samuel Graham / Harvey ShieldJohn Montgomery

b.Junior TrainingJunior committee

c.Ayrshire Junior ChampionshipsJunior committee

d.Ayrshire Junior LeagueStephen Taylor

e.National LeagueVarious teams

f.North versus South AyrshireTBA

g.Adult training Iain Fraser

h.Junior Beginners eventsStephen Taylor

i.JBW Robertson CupJohn Montgomery


6.News from Chess Scotland


7.Any other competent business



Proposals from Ayr Chess Club


Motion 1:

“Spectators from clubs not directly involved in a league match should not be allowed in the playing area without the prior agreement of both captains. This includes clubs not playing the match but who might have a vested interest in the outcome, especially towards the close of the season.”


Motion 2:

“At the start of play any electronic device which enables access to chess data must be turned off. Failure to do so may result in a penalty extending as far as the loss of the game in question. Where a first offence will incur a penalty of an extra 5 minutes added to an opponent’s thinking time, a second offence by the same player in the same match will result in that player losing the game and their opponent will be awarded a win regardless of the position on the board.”

The first motion does not propose a ban on spectators per se; it asks that the teams taking part be given a choice on whether to allow spectators into the playing area There could be various considerations, certainly size of venue and thus proximity of non-players to the boards would be one.


The second motion is lifted straight from the Glasgow League rules with the amendment that the penalty for a first offence be five minutes rather than two minutes added to the opponent’s clock. It is intended to deal with a situation, these days rarely occurring, where there is absolutely no intention of cheating, rather not switching off the phone has been an inadvertent oversight. However such an event may cause a distraction to a player (the underlying theme of the motions) so time added to the opponent’s clock seems reasonable. No doubt the offending player will then immediately switch off his/her phone so the follow-up penalty should not be required.




Ayrshire Chess Association

Annual General Meeting


Thursday 8th September 2016

Held at Prestwick Chess Club


Meeting opened at 7.40pm


Present : John Montgomery (Secretary) Robert Simpson, John Calder, Stephen Taylor, Gary McPheator, , Robin Moore, Arthur McCurley, Brian Teaz, Stephen Hamilton, Billy Kelly, Rob Copeland, David Congalton, Iain Fraser (President), David Deary (Treasurer), John McNicoll, Steven Brown, Kenny Malkin, Phil Thomas, Allan Plato, Robert Carter



1.Apologies for absence

Alan Steel, Jim Sands, Steve Hilton


2.Minutes of last AGM / Council - Previously distributed.

Proposed by David Deary, seconded by Gary McPheator


3.Points arising from minutes



4.Treasurers report

Deficit of £210 against previous year of £450

There had been a number of donations which helped funds

Additional expenses had been the approximate £300 for coaching

The Seniors trophy had been lost and had to be replaced at cost to the Association

New kit had been donated to the new club at Carnegie Library


David re-iterated the purpose of Ayrshire Chess Association was to promote chess in Ayrshire and funds should be used where this was applicable

Thanks to John Montgomery, Stephen Taylor and Iain Fraser for donations of trophies and medals to Junior events

Rob Copeland asked if there were any caveat to the large donation of funds – such as dates etc - David replied that they were none except for the grading prizes in the Ayrshire Championships to be given for three season.

Robin Moore asked about the Seniors trophy – it was noted that Kilmarnock player had won it last and there had been no return to the Secretary.

Proposed by Iain Fraser, seconded by Stephen Taylor

A vote of thanks was given to David Deary who was stepping down as Treasurer.


5.Secretary’s report - As previously distributed

Including Arbiters report from John McNicoll

No issues arising

Proposed by Gary McPheator, seconded by David Deary


6.Election of Office Bearers

President Iain Fraser stood down for election

Nominations – Iain Fraser proposed by David Deary, seconded by Brian Teaz

Iain was appointed President.


Treasurer – Nominations – John Calder proposed by Iain Fraser, seconded Gary McPheator

John was appointed Treasurer


League/Association Secretary - John Montgomery proposed by Stephen Taylor, seconded by Brian Teaz

John is appointed League & Association Secretary


7.Any Other Competent Business

New Constitution – Rob Copeland, Tommy Barrett, Steven Brown and Steve Rivett were working on this and would present new constitution to Management Committee by Christmas

David Deary commented that we needed a robust constitution but not a copy as thick as “War and Peace”


AGM Meeting closed at 8.05pm – Short refreshment break followed by Council.



Ayrshire Chess Association

Council Meeting


Thursday 8th September 2016

Held at Prestwick Chess Club


Present: Iain Fraser (Chairman), John Montgomery, (Secretary)


The club delegates were as follows:


ArdrossanBilly Kelly and Steven Brown

AyrStephen Hamilton

CarrickNone present

GreenwoodStephen Taylor and David Deary

Irvine Rob Copeland and Brian Teaz

KilmarnockJohn McNicoll and Kenny Malkin

LargsAllan Plato and Robert Simpson

PrestwickGary McPheator and Arthur McCurley

StewartonJohn Montgomery

TroonJohn Calder and Phil Thomas


Opened at 8.15pm


1a.Area Grading Officer

Gary McPheator proposed by John Montgomery, seconded Arthur McCurley

Gary is appointed AGO for coming season


1b. Election of Management Committee (excluding Office Bearers who sit on MC)

Steve Hilton and Robert Simpson had passed word that they did not wish to serve on committee this year so their resignations were accepted

Nominations –

Stephen TaylorProposed by Iain Fraser, seconded David Deary

Rob CopelandProposed by Brian Teaz, seconded Iain Fraser

John McNicollProposed by David Deary, seconded Gary McPheator

Billy KellyProposed by Iain Fraser, seconded John McNicoll

Jim SandsProposed by Stephen Hamilton, seconded Iain Fraser

David DearyProposed by Iain Fraser, seconded Stephen Taylor

Steven BrownProposed by Iain Fraser, seconded by David Deary

David CongaltonProposed by Iain Fraser, seconded David Deary

Voting for all positions – For All, Against 0 Abstained 0


The meeting also had to appoint a pool for the Appeals committee

Brian Teaz, Len Weir, Arthur McCurley, Robin Moore, Stephen Hamilton, Robert Simpson

There had been no word from Robin Templeton and Jim Kleboe

Voting for all positions – For All, Against 0 Abstained 0



2.ACA representative to Chess Scotland.

John Montgomery agreed to stay in post for meetings on Sundays

David Congalton offered to represent ACA at meetings on Saturdays



3.Ayrshire Chess League 2016/17


Largs and Ardrossan gave information that they were amalgamating as far as league was concerned to form one club as part of their effort to reduce defaults – combined club would allow them to substitute players between Division 1 and Division 2 teams


League would be

Division 1 – Kilmarnock A, Troon A, Ardrossan / Largs A, Irvine A, Prestwick A, Greenwood Rooks, Ayr, Troon B

Division 2 – Kilmarnock Dragons, Carrick, Ardrossan / Largs B, , Irvine B, Stewarton and Greenwood Bishops.

Division 3 – Prestwick Spitfires, Greenwood Knights, Greenwood Pawns, Irvine C, Troon C Ayr B and a second Prestwick team

Division 3 would therefore have seven teams which would be split 4/3

(Note subsequent to the meeting Prestwick said they would not have another team so Division reverted to six teams playing each other once home and away )



A motion from Stephen Hamilton of Ayr had been submitted to add rule regarding alcohol at the board when playing juniors – proposed at age Under 14 or Under 16

Vote was taken as follows

Under 14 – 5 votes

Under 16 – 10 votes.

Rules would be amended accordingly


Gary McPheator would again produce the monthly Live grading file for teams

There followed a long discussion on the proposal regarding player eligibility


Comments were made as follows

Stephen Hamilton (Ayr) suggested the eligibility rule should only apply to Divsions 1 and 2 not Div 3 and that team selection was a matter for the team captains not their opponents

John Montgomery (Stewarton) suggested that rule should be for Division 1 only

David Deary (Greenwood) said that rule should not apply to Div 3

Allan Plato (Largs) said that League Secretary should make the decisions using emails to team captains where applicable

Steven Brown (Ardrossan) discussed tied players

Gary McPheator (Prestwick) suggested that either just the top two boards or top half of the team should be restricted to eligibility rule

Johnn McNicoll (Kilmarnock) said that top 3 boards should apply and Div 3 should be included

Brian Teaz (Irvine) said that there would an issue with juniors large grading rises over the season

David Congalton (Greenwood) said common sense should prevail and that Div 3 should be exempt from rule.


Voting as follows

All 3 divisions – for 1 vote

Divisions 1 and 2 – for 7 votes

Division 1 – for 3 votes

Top two boards – vote for 1, against 10

Divisions 1 and 2 – for 11 votes against 0


4.Ayrshire Individual Championships

Report on previous season by Arbiter John McNicoll

To be held at Troon on Wednesday nights. Arbiter John McNicoll


JBW Robertson Cup

Suggestion was to hold on Wednesdays again – 5 rounds

Voting on grading limit

U1400 – vote for 1

U1200 – votes for 11

Brian Teaz suggested that format is referred to Managemnet Committee to decide further details


Ayrshire Championships – time control

Voting on proposals

Vote for Status Quo – (36 moves in 90 minutes plus 20 moves per hour thereafter) – 6 votes

Change in time control – 8 votes


There then followed a five minute break while suggestions for a new time control were discussed by club delegates.

Resumed at 9.20pm

Discussion on FIDE rules that within 4/5 years events would not have QPF or adjournments

Problems of championships being held on weeknights versus weekend events

Suggestions that followed included QPF (4), Incrementals (0) League times – all moves in 85 minutes (9),

Then there was a discussion on how long the time should be

Final proposal was All moves in 1 hour 35 minutes – passed

This was to be applied for one season only with a review at end of the season

There would be a need for Abritration forms – Action - Secretary



5.Other Ayrshire events

a.Harvey Shield to be held at Prestwick in September

Samuel Graham - date / venue to be arranged


b.Junior Training – To be arranged by Junior Committee


c.Ayrshire Junior Championships

Passed to junior controller and committee to sort out


d.Ayrshire Junior League

Will be organised and held at Greenwood – February / March over two nights


e.Scottish National Chess League



f. North vs South Ayrshire

Best 8 boards – suggestion was to run on Weeknight rather than Sunday


g.Adult training – TBA


h.Junior Beginners events – will be run by Junior Committee


6.News / items from Chess Scotland

Iain Brownlee had asked about attending an Ayrshire committee meeting or AGM / Council – Iain Fraser to liaise with him on this.

Details on Spens Cup Richardson were available from CS


7.Any other competent business

a.Various people asked for dates for ACL round 1 and AI round 1 – secretary gave these out

b.There had only been two entries for the Seniors Cup so a playoff had been arranged – need to encourage more entries

c.Robin Moore asked about eligibility for Ayrshire Championships – to be included on Entry form

d.Question about which tie breaks were used in League – again pointed to League rules



Meeting closed 9.50pm



Ayrshire Championship 2016/17 Arbiters report.


Once again, the chess side of the tournament went smoothly with no requirement for intervention by the arbiter at any stage.


As regards the participants, almost all communicated when they required a postponement or bye in a timely fashion, The main culprit for not communicating at all was Jim Wainwright of Troon who managed to miss the last 3 rounds without mentioning once he was unable to attend before the round took place.


Next year the Vega software will be used to run the tournament which will give a better web experience.


John McNicoll