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A report on the Samuel Graham event held at prestwick now available.

Print copies of the new Scottish Grading list are available through the Ayrshire Chess Association with a £1 discount to £4. Contacy John Montgomery if interested.


A report on the Harvey Shield event held at Greenwood last Thursday now available.


The Ayrshire Chess Association Prizegiving and Lightning events will be held on Thursday 30th May 2019 in Greenwood Academy starting at 7pm.

We have been loaned an almost complete set of Ayrshire Chess Bulletins and have now placed them on the site in the documents section

This completes what we have been generously allowed access to.

We have not got pages 6/7 of the 75/76 season and would like to receive any information about it's whereabouts.

The 31st edition consists of three pages which came out on the 26th December 1980. The possibility exists that the bulletins ceased publication at that point or a second bulletin out in, presumably, April or so would complete it. Any information as to what happened would be gratefully received.

If anyone has a copy of either buried somewhere we would be very interested in acquiring it to copy for the archive.

Due to the size of the paper used in the original it is sometimes necessary to scan a page twice to capture all the information which hopefully explains why there seems to be duplicate pages.